Welcome to Aurora Yoga Studio

Balance, Mind & Body

Aurora Yoga offers classes daily so that you will always have a place to practice.

Walk In Classes

$15 • ₡10.000
75 Min

5 Class Pass

$45 / ₡30.000
Valid for one month

10 Class Pass

$80 / ₡50.000
Valid for 3 months

Month Pass

$120 / ₡80.000

Professional Space & Instructors

Our space is open, fresh and beckons you to come and share your practice with us in this beautiful country.

Yoga in Costa Rica is a special experience that you are not soon to forget. The lush tropical setting that surrounds is alive with sounds and movements of all sorts.

Come and discover why the words “Yoga Costa Rica” are so often spoken… Bring a beach towel if you feel like it. The Ocean is a two-minute walk from the studio. It is a wonderful feeling to swim in the tropical water after a yoga class.


JANUARY 2023 Schedule


8 am Rise & Sunshine Flow w/Mike
9:30 am Go with the Flow Yoga w/Rodin

4pm Free Women’s Circle

5:30 pm Unwind Evening Flow w/Rodin


8 am Full Body Stretch Out w/Mike 
9:30 am Vinyasa Power Flow w/Mike

5:30 pm Vinyasa Yoga w/Samantha 



8 am Vinyasa Yoga w/Roselinn
9:30 am Yoga Fitness: Core Blimey! w/Mike 

3:30 pm Pilates w/Ronald
7 pm Pilates w/Ronald


8 am Hatha Chill w/Mike
9:30 am Vinyasa Yoga w/Rodin
11 am Pilates w/Ronald

3:30 pm Pilates w/Ronald

5:30pm  Yoga Balancing Act w/Mike  
7 pm  Vinyasa Yoga w/Samantha 


8 am Rise & Sunshine Flow w/Mike

9:30 am Rock ‘n’ Roll Flow w/Mike


8 am Wake Up & Go Vinyasa Flow! w/Mike
9:30 am Hatha/Mindfulness w/Polly


9:30 am Vinyasa Yoga w/Rodin

Yoga classes are open to the public and do not require a membership to attend. Reservations are not required—just show up!